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Mamas all over the world want the best outcome for their pregnancy and their baby. In this time of physical isolation, when many mamas are left without birth support in the delivery room, it is vitally important for women to be at the heart of their self-care and advocacy, and to have a community of support throughout their pregnancy. Take our comprehensive 105 Pre/ Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training to build a nurturing community with knowledge and empowerment as the foundation for a fulfilling pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. Our training provides you the skills to connect deeply in person, virtually, or in the studio.

Yoga Mamas gives you the ability to lead classes that support the continuously changing body through relaxation, strength and mindfulness. Our classes are richly themed and highly informative. You’ll spark conversations ranging from the nitty-gritty of pregnancy and advocacy, to nourishing spirit and connection with baby ALL while leading movement. Many of our teachers use their Yoga Mamas skills to expand their offerings to their general classes and to differently-bodied participants with mobility challenges. 


Why Take a Training Instead of a Weekend?

Carrying and delivering a baby is a transformational experience for most mothers. We believe that prenatal yoga is one of the most effective ways to empower the experience for both mother and baby no matter what type of pregnancy you have. Over our years of training and leading, we have seen the harm of classes led by well-intentioned but unaware teachers. Our trauma-informed training addresses the often overlooked needs of the prenatal and postnatal yoga student who may have experienced infertility issues, a previous difficult birth, loss of a baby, c-section, perineum tear, or the issues common to pregnancy and postpartum like sciatica, back and pelvic pain, tender wrists, loss of mobility, anxiety, and more. We nurture and empower both teachers and mamas in community together for the best birth outcomes.

Our Yoga Alliance certified training is perfect for yoga teachers, fitness instructors, doulas, midwives, L&D nurses, and childbirth educators who want to add prenatal instruction to their repertoire.  After successful completion of this program you will be Yoga Mamas certified by Create Karma for pre and postnatal yoga and you will qualify for Yoga Alliance’s 85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher (PYT) designation.

Women who are planning a birth in the future or currently pregnant, but are not looking to teach are invited to join us for Yoga Mama Wellness Weekends. Already prenatal certified? Our comprehensive postnatal training weekend can be taken as a complete module. 

Thank you so much for sharing all of your expertise with us and using such a different platform to do it. I know I was hesitant to join in for the online version, but I am so incredibly glad I did. I feel like I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge for my own birth experience as well as a whole new set of skills to offer future yoga students.


Learn from Yoga Mamas with Decades of Experience

Our Yoga Mamas leaders are mothers who are passionate about the power of yoga to empower students, create community and transform the experience of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. 

Our Director, Randi Coen Gilbert, E-RYT 500 has spent over 20 years as a child advocate and yoga teacher. Randi began teaching yoga in 2000 after having her second baby. She credits a full yoga practice, including mindfulness, to saving her as a new mom and making her a much better parent. Certified at the 500 hour level in 2003, Randi has advanced accreditations from Yoga Alliance. In 2012, she became a birth doula, registered by DONA International and trained in Yoga Therapy for 2 years. Randi has a Master’s Degree in Drama Therapy from NYU.  Last year, Randi fulfilled a lifelong dream and spent 5 weeks studying yoga and visiting spiritual sights in India.

Click here for more information on Randi and our other leaders.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Experiential Learning

Now more than ever, the capacity to create sacred space and build community is vital.  Our training provides you the skills to connect deeply be it in person, virtually, or in the studio.

This distinctive yoga mamas prenatal training will provide the tools you need to bring a healing presence and nurturing support to your clients navigating their way through pregnancy.  You’ll learn, not only the essentials of yoga and how they can be adapted to a pregnant body, but how to communicate this information to a room of mamas anywhere from the first trimester to full term simultaneously.  Build your skills as a leader by uncovering preconceived notions about pregnancy and birth and creating community with other birth workers/expecting mothers.  You’ll find in this training everything you will need to naturally weave your newfound knowledge into your current teaching or coaching. 

Yoga Mamas Curriculum Includes…

This is a sampling of our comprehensive curriculum.

  • Confidence: Building confidence in your teaching and building mamas confidence in her ability to give birth
  • Community: Learn alongside women in every stage of pregnancy. Build community in your classes.
  • Personal Authenticity: Find your personal voice in your teaching, as well as self-care for you and your students.
  • Shift Your Vision: Focus on what is possible in Pregnancy instead of what’s not, exploring the many variations of asanas.
  • Hatha Yoga Foundation: Comprehensive manual for reference including 12 Hatha Yoga Themes for a class series and how to best structure your class.
  • Asana: Create space for baby and comfort for mom through length and strength
  • Labor Preparation: Yoga tools for best birth outcomes, including fetal positioning, mindfulness preparation, asanas & pranayama for labor and more.
  • Support with Props: Specific issues common to prenatal/postnatal women and how to modify and use props.
  • Deep Dive: In depth knowledge on the pelvis, the manometric system, diastasis recti and how yoga best supports functional movement and a healthy core. 
  • Adaptation: Explore best practices for modifying and empowering mamas during pregnancy in a regular class
  • Expansion: Structure your specialized classes to get the optimal benefits of community building and safety in addition to physical wellness.
  • Labor Practices: Explore the use of mindfulness practices, chanting and vocalization, guided imagery, partner yoga support, and breathwork for labor.
Convenient Online Hybrid Training Weekends

Get all the benefits of an immersive online training, spread out over 3 months.  With spacious weekends between modules , there is plenty of time to digest and integrate what you have learned from each session into your regular yoga practice and teaching so you’ll be prepared to continue building on your knowledge. Each weekend focuses on key skills and provides the embodied leadership for our core values of nurturing, empowering and creating community.

Each weekend session includes Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings through late afternoons/early evenings.

Your tuition also includes free access to join Randi’s weekly lPre/Postnatal Classes for Mamas at any stage live and on demand.

Yoga Mamas Classes meet Wednesdays from 1-1:45pm and are hosted by Zia Yoga & Wellness.

Prenatal Training Weekends:
May 14, 15, 16: Create Community in Sacred Space

June 11, 12, 13: Empowerment through Knowledge

June 25, 26, 27: Freedom through Nurturing


Postnatal Training Weekend: A New Norm – Postnatal Strength and Surrender

July 9, 10, 11


Anyone with an interest in prenatal yoga and wellness is welcome and encouraged to apply. Once you submit your application, our team will review what you’ve shared and be in touch!

If accepted, you must attend all training hours, complete all coursework and training homework, and attend 20 hours of prenatal classes  in order to complete our Yoga Mamas program and earn your 85-hour prenatal yoga certification. Learn More


$1800 when paid in full by May 1st or make 4-monthly installments of $375 after $500 deposit

A portion of the profit from this program will be donated to Black Mamas Matter Alliance who ‘envision a world where Black moms have the rights, respect, and resources to thrive before, during and after pregnancy’ and the Maternity Care Coalition whose mission is to ‘ improve the health and well-being of pregnant women and parenting families, and enhance school readiness for children 0-3.’

Space is limited, and we only offer this program once a year. If you’re on the fence for any reason, have questions or aren’t sure this program is for you please reach out so we can answer questions and help you get clear on your wellness possibilities so you can make the best choice for you!