The Create Karma

5-Week Radiant Facilitation Program

There you are, standing at the front of a buzzing room, over-caffeinated and nervous as hell. Your hands are clammy and your heart is beating so loudly you can barely hear your own thoughts. In the last 24 hours you wrote, scrapped, re-wrote and perfected every single part of the presentation before you – and yet, you’re still pretty sure you’ve missed something. As you force a smile, you start to speak and feel the shakes creep into your hands. Your mind races, Are they listening to me? Are they going to take me seriously?  I have no idea what I’m (doing/ talking about). I am not the one to be standing up here.  How do some people make this look so dang easy? 

Fast forward to your closing remarks, and the wave of panic slowly washes back into the ocean of worry, doubt and uncertainty and the exhaustion of presenting settles in. At least you survived?

At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced the weight of over-preparing, stressing out and exhausting ourselves over giving a presentation, workshop or training.



The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. The art of giving power to words – to influence, inspire and transform lives CAN be both easy AND enjoyable. 

And it is why we’ve created the 5-Week Radiant Facilitation Program to help those who have a desire to teach and lead authentically crumble toxic masculine standards, release their inner perfectionist, and rewrite the voice inside that tells them to sit down and be quiet so that they can powerfully facilitate any training, workshop or conversation and connect to any audience with passion, confidence and ease. 

At this time, we are not accepting applications for the Radiant Facilitation Program. 

As a result of participating in this program you will…


  • Harness your innate magnetism with masterful skill and technique
  • Gain the confidence to facilitate any training, workshop or conversation and hold space with ease
  • Feel centered in your body and breath so you can feel calm and confident
  • Learn how to manage stress responses and create calm in your nervous system
  • Excavate mindset obstacles and discover what’s in the way of your authentic leadership
  • Architect impactful curriculum, trainings, presentations and workshops 
  • Create clear boundaries that work and support your energy and development 
  • Learn how to package and monetize your spiritual and professional gifts so you can get paid for your value (and not your time)

This program is for those who…

  • Feel called to use their voice and share their gifts (even if they’re still pretty terrified to do so)
  • Are ready to free themselves of habitual stress and inner perfectionist
  • Enjoy simple and reliable pathways to invoke their inner leader
  • Have a deep desire to lead with connection and authenticity 
  • Are ready to say goodbye to their tendencies of over-working, over-stressing and over-analyzing

This program is not for those who are…

  • Willing to play small in their lives and keep their gifts to themselves
  • Totally okay living with the exhaustion of over-preparing, stressing out and beating themselves up over over every workshop, presentation or public speaking activity 
  • Convinced leadership is all about authority and being in control 
  • Content with being unfulfilled and undervalued

By now, you may have realized this program is not like other facilitation or training programs. 

After decades of leading transformational content and facilitating conversations, Kristin Schultz and Sarah Yukie Gingrich have co-created Radiant Facilitation to elevate unlikely Leaders through the profound teachings of creativity, intuition, community, connection, presence and collaboration. This program is packed with new skills, systems, templates and techniques for facilitating and a modern perspective on what it means to be a Leader.

Program Details

3 Live virtual workshops, activities and empowerment that take place between 12:00PM ET and 5:00PM ET

12-months exclusive access to our Radiant Facilitation Membership site where you will find all training modules, live session recordings and program handouts filled with rich content to serve you in your goals wherever you are in your growth process PLUS additional bonus trainings and resources

5, Weekly 90-minute group coaching and support calls with the Leadership Team

5, Weekly 30-minute call with your program Co-Pilot

Personal coaching and feedforward on the creation and delivery of 3-live mini workshops and presentations that you can take out into the world (and start earning income on!)

Accountability and inspiration every week we’re working together

Access to our Private Network where you can connect with your peers in the program 

Direct Message support from our Leadership Team to help you integrate the information and implement it in a way that serves your unique goals

Two highly experienced, intuitive Mentors who are 100% invested in your success 

What kind of results can I expect from participating in the Radiant Facilitation Program?

What is the difference between the Radiant Facilitation Program and your Yoga Training Programs?

In our yoga training, we take people already interested in yoga and rock their world with transformation. In this program, we take people already interested in leadership and facilitation and rock their world with what it means to be an embodied leader. 





I’m a LEAP or MEET graduate – how does this training fit into my life?

This program is open to our beloved 200-Hour LEAP alumni as well as the general public. 

If you are a 300H-MEET graduate, you have the option to join the program on the FEAT Apprentice Path. FEAT Apprentice Path participants are eligible to join a future FEAT Program for training and development in becoming a future Create Karma Facilitator. LEAP graduates can also be considered for this path after successful completion of the MEET program. 

At this time, we are not accepting applications for the Radiant Facilitation Program.