Create Karma was founded on the power of shared leadership.  We transform our lives by learning to stand for ourselves as we stand for each other. We know that wellness only exists in well communities and are committed to building them from the inside out.


We empower individuals to become embodied leaders.


Our wellness and leadership trainings, The 4 Cornerstones of Elevated Leadership, Yoga Mamas, AWELEAPMEET, and FEAT, transform individuals into mindful, engaged, self-realized leaders who learn to embody fundamental awareness principles in their own lives. We emphasize pay-it-forward principles in an effort to build a lasting wellness movement, empowering our graduates to create and inspire positive change in their communities.


As part of our mission to develop a community of wellness, we started weekly public yoga classes, Communion, that are free to livestream or watch anytime. When we host training programs, most of our facilitators and trainees also offer classes that are open to the public.

Our Programs

Yoga Mamas

Empowering women to connect deeply to themselves and community


Mentorship Program participants (existing 200hr Teachers) learn to hold space and develop an individual


Our flagship program builds leadership and wellness from the inside out

Our Classes and Events

Thursday Communion


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Sunday Communion

9:00-10:00 am

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