Yogic Training Facilitators

Alexandra Holmes

 Yoga has the power to illuminate our lives because it gives us the agency to make changes for the better in every aspect of our being.

Christyn Schroeder

When you come from the place of authenticity and honesty, the depth of communication and growth that is possible is astounding.

Cristina Houston

I AM. Coach. Truth Speaker. Connector. Listener. Yogi.

Dan Houston

I AM. Connector. Educator. Writer. Seeker. Mentor. Friend.

Davina Davidson

Be grateful for all the things your body is capable of doing today and be hopeful for all the things your body will be capable of doing tomorrow.

Derek Cook

Holding space for complexity and acknowledging the value of simplicity is required if we are to have any hope of being good yoga teachers, students, and humans.

Jean-Jacques Gabriel

Sometimes we get stronger by flipping perspectives. The body opens so much with the intelligent use of gravity and partnership.

Jenny Schulder Brant

The health of our own bodies and minds directly connect to the health of our communities and the world. 

Dr. Kay Corpus

My approach to medicine involves finding the root cause of illness and symptoms, which is essential to health and healing.

Laura Toyofuku-Aki

Community helps us find our power and stand in our strength.

Leila Zimbel

We are more than one sentence. I am a constant evolution and confluence of many words, languages, and possibilities