Training FAQs

Which training program is right for me?

Create Karma offers multiple leadership training programs to help us fulfill our mission of creating healthy communities and empowering individuals to become embodied leaders who effect positive change through their lives and actions.

If you are new to the wellness world or are looking for ways to develop your leadership skills for the first time, we recommend the 200-hour LEAP program. Through this training, you will learn the art of expressing leadership and community-building through the lens of wholistic wellness. You will become a leader in both thought and action, creating a lifestyle of health and empowerment for yourself and those around you. And yes, you will also be certified to teach yoga at the 200 hour level.

If you are already a wellness professional and would like to elevate your ability to lead other teachers and become a mentor, the 300-hour MEET may be right for you. To be eligible for this program, you must have previously completed a 200-hour training program from an accredited school and have been an active teacher for at least 6 months. This program builds upon our LEAP training and provides additional mentorship work and opportunities to expand and hone your role as a facilitator of teachers.

Want access to all of the wellness with a gentler time commitment? AWE is a design-you-own wellness program which imparts the learning of a teacher training without the specific skills of teaching. Enjoy a variety of world-class facilitators and adapt our “omwork” to your desired wellness.

Focused on the journey into motherhood? If you are looking for personal wellness as someone who is pregnant, thinking about pregnancy, or has given birth, our Yoga Mamas Wellness Weekends offer nurturing and empowering practices for the journey from pre to postnatal wellness.

To use yoga to support the next generation, join our pre and postnatal community. Our Yoga Mamas 85-hour Prenatal Training Program and 20-hour Postnatal Training are here to support your leadership in adding prenatal skills to your existing trainings.

Focused on pure leadership? Become a powerful and  highly effective facilitator with the Four Cornerstones of Elevated Leadership.

What’s it like to learn online?

It’s pretty cool! Our live sessions give you up-close “facetime” with our engaging facilitators and pre-weekend videos and materials give you time to learn at your own rate. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect to your mentor and copilot. For us, community is a way of life. We are known for our deep connection and powerfully engaging content. We lead trainings on how to teach online and have brought in some of our favorites to build a training that brings both breadth and depth of experience to you. It also requires a bit of prep work, and the ability to create an “at home” space where you can be fully present. We’ll share our favorite tips to connect and support you through your journey.

Why not that other online training, it’s half the price!

We are experienced leaders with years of training experience. We have led hundreds of graduates through this process and we love it! Our training is immersive, live, and tailored to you. The leadership, mentorship, and community support of Create Karma programs is amazing and we bring the studio experience and community directly to you. Our graduate teaching level is 3 times the national average and our graduates are known for their authenticity and skill.

What if I have to miss a portion of the training?

Community is a fundamental element of both our LEAP and MEET trainings, making each group session an invaluable part of your learning experience. If you absolutely must miss a training session, you will be required to make up the missed time and coursework in order to receive your completion certificate. Many of our online sessions will be recorded for our online programs. Make-up work will be handled on a case-by-case basis and should be arranged in advance with your group leader and/or mentor, with the approval of the Program Director.

What does a typical weekend look like?

Training weekends will vary based upon each facilitator and their content for the session. In general, sessions will include physical activity, group work, opportunities to practice leadership, and content-specific workshops. We will have ample breaks for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be short breaks during the afternoon sessions. Typically, Fridays are an overview of the weekend, Saturdays initiate activities to delve deeper into content, and Sundays are the integration of the weekend’s learning into your life and leadership. If you are taking one of our online offerings, content is scaled for engagement and digestion.

I have a wonky knee/ankle/back/big toe. Can I still take the training?

Yes! Injury and other limitations can be some of the most powerful tools in learning empathetic and creative leadership. Bring whatever you need to sit comfortably and contact us if you have any special requirements. Most importantly, be sure to listen to your body and move with awareness during all classes and activities.

Am I too old/young/inflexible/flexible?

No way. One of the big myths about wellness is that we have to already be fit enough to be well. Many of the people you interact with may have similar concerns. Our leadership trainings will help you balance your flexibility with your strength, while gaining awareness of what to do to empower yourself and others. These programs are designed to meet you where you are. Whether you are 18 or 108, this program has space for you. If you are 109? Congratulations! You can probably teach us a few things about enduring wellness 😉

Is there homework? Why?

Yep. Although we like to call it Omwork. How you show up for yourself in between our weekends together will make all the difference for you. You will have recommended readings, self-awareness practices, journaling, and daily wellness practices to do in between our weekends. Cultivating a regular wellness practice, along with your other homework, will reinforce your ability to be in support or yourself and others while gaining the practical knowledge and awareness you need to refine your leadership skills.

I’m interested in wellness and being a leader, but I don’t want to teach yoga. Is this the right program for me?

Absolutely. Our LEAP program is an opportunity to explore your leadership potential through the experience of yoga, wellness, and your connection to others. You will learn from some of the country’s leading wellness experts and gain actionable steps towards creating an empowered lifestyle, as well as join like-minded individuals working together towards a common goal: Creating strong, healthy communities by becoming compassionate human beings and leaders.

If you aspire to teach yoga, completing our Yoga Teacher Certification Weekend is now included in your tuition and will help you refine your role as a wellness leader and provide theoretical and practical tools to becoming a yoga instructor.

Whether you choose to teach yoga or not, Create Karma leadership programs provide the knowledge and skills to help you become a stronger, more flexible, and more compassionate human being and leader in all aspects of your life.

I’d like to be part of this, but I don’t have enough time!

I’m pretty sure there is no perfect time… which means it’s always the perfect time. The skills you will learn in our program will transform your ability to be present and to create your life. If you find you frequently feel like you don’t have time, join us and discover how to create sustainability with a schedule. That said, we have other options!

Our AWE program is an amazing opportunity to transform your wellness. During training weekends, AWE participants get together from 6p-9:30  Friday evening and 8a-6p on Saturday. Another option is to attend workshops and public classes during our training weekends. Our public classes sell out quickly! Join our mailing list to get notified when they are announced.

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