Transform Your Life. Inspire Your Community. Build Wellness that Works for You.

Online or in-person, our programs begin with the leader within. Cultivate your inner awareness and mindfulness through breathing, meditation, and movement. Learn to be present so you can lead and facilitate with ease. We offer multiple levels of training to awaken growth and advance your wellness and leadership, no matter where you are on your journey.

Just starting out? We’ll show you the way.

Level 1:

AWE - Accessible Wellness for Everyone


Accessible Wellness for Everyone, or AWE, is our wellness immersion training. Enjoy workshops and classes offered by world class wellness facilitators, and receive a recommended home practice to maintain your wellness commitment between sessions. Connect with an accountability partner and create personalized and comprehensive wellness habits to sustain life-long wellbeing.


Ready to share your spirit with others and go deeper?

Our 200- and 300-hour programs help you transform into a mindful, engaged, self-realized leader. You’ll learn to embody fundamental awareness principles in your own life, and become a Yoga-Alliance-Certified yoga instructor.

Level 2:

LEAP - Leaders Empowered into Action Program (200hr)


Leaders Empowered into Action, or LEAP, is our transformative 200-hour training and uses the spectrum of wellness from AWE with additional, specialized modules to empower you into effective leadership throughout your life. Learn technical aspects of teaching yoga and mindfulness, and how to make wellness come alive for your students from nationally renowned wellness leaders.



Level 3:

MEET - Mentors Empowering Engagement Training (300hr)


Mentors Empowering Engagement Training, or MEET, is our 300-hour advanced leadership program designed to enhance your ability to become a leadership and wellness mentor to other teachers and community leaders. Experience the same amazing facilitators as our LEAP program, plus expanded opportunities to hone your ability to hold space for your personal wellness while still supporting growth for those around you.



Change the world with authentic leadership. Own your power.

Level 4:

FEAT- Facilitators Empowering Action Training


Graduates of The 4 Cornerstones of Elevated Leadership are eligible for direct mentorship with Sarah, Create Karma Founder, and her team of Facilitators. This training will empower you to lead effective, integrated, inspiring programs from anywhere in the world. Work with a small team of highly motivated leaders to break down anything holding you back, and transform your relationship to leadership through powerful facilitation.



Not sure which program is right for you? We’re here to help. Send us a note. We can’t wait to help you begin the next chapter of transformation in your life.