Much as yoga is more than stretching, wellness is more than physical health. It is having the ability to create homeostasis or balance in a fluid and changing world. How are we digesting or observing and assimilating the world around us? This can be the physical digestion of food and movement, the emotional digestion of what is happening, the mental digestion of how we think, and our spiritual digestion or connection to the divine.

Physical Integrity/Embodiment

  1. Being comfortable in your body: I like my body
  2. Having a stable physical foundation: My body moves with the balance of strength and ease that I need to move through my day
  3. Moving with awareness: I choose to move in the way I move and know how to move
  4. Connecting to the enteroception/proprioception: I can feel when part of my body is not aware and have a practice or activity to awaken it

 Emotional Fluidity

  1. Awareness of old/stuck patterns: I am prone to feel this way
  2. Being able to experience  and release emotion: When I feel this way, there is nothing wrong with me and I can do this to create balance
  3. Holding space for others to have their emotions: I can be with people having feelings without adversely reacting to them
  4. Connecting the the Heart Field as the center of the energetic body, and having a heart-centered awareness: My feelings are a natural expression of my life. I can be vulnerable and open with resilience and strength.

 Mental Clarity

  1. Ability to understand patterns: These are patterns of thoughts that I used to react to in a certain way.
  2. Ability to take action within challenge/confusion: I can have these patterns of thoughts and still be effective as a leader and take action.
  3. Distinguishing between the fluctuations of the mind and the inner voice of wisdom/intuition: This is my voice of insecurity, I can still take action. This is my innate wisdom, I will honor it.


  1. Connecting the 3 main centers of the body: gut, heart, mind: I have three wisdom centers that are all connected.
  2. Ability to communicate with others: I can share and listen from my wisdom centers.
  3. Ability to share one’s vision to create possibilities for others: When I connect with others, I can share my vision so others can see it.


  1. Being able to identify the divine in one’s self and others: I know I and all are divine beings
  2. Interconnectedness: I know I am connected to the earth, cosmos, and other forms of creation
  3. Balance: In my work, I have the awareness of when my own spirit and energy need to be restored and the ability to restore them.