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  • Jessie Roberts
    Create Karma is an amazing YTT program. Sarah has pulled together a team of skilled and experienced teachers from all across the country. Each of these teachers brought their own unique talents, tips, advice, stories, support, motivation and energy to the group as a whole. It was invaluable to see how uniquely each individual teaches. The CK program taught us students how to actually create our own sequences and how to hold space and be present for our own classes. It helped each of us clear our own limitations and taught us how to step into who we were meant to be. This vital self-work that should be done in order to excel as a leader and a teacher in our own communities. CK was a life altering experience that pushed me beyond what I knew I had in me and helped me align closer with my true self. Of course, it's also a bonus that I made lifetime friends along this journey.
    Jessie Roberts
  • Mollie Tierson
    This training provided by Create Karma is truly transformative. It taught me so much spiritually and physically about being a yoga teacher. I would recommend this training fully. I am so happy to have made so many connections in this community and now know how to hold space for someone because of the amazing leadership they offer.
    Mollie Tierson
  • Leah Huganir
    Create Karma's program was a yoga teacher training and about 10 other highly valuable trainings rolled into one glorious, life-changing program. The process with Sarah and the CK team was truly transformational and I am a stronger teacher, leader and human being due to this wonderful program!
    Leah Huganir
  • Michelle Rihon
    This YTT prepares you to connect, share and grow. I am grateful for this experience! You'll meet amazing yogis, you'll polish your home practice and well-being, you'll go on a journey to your inner self and you'll be surprised in the end what you're actually capable of. Thank you Create Karma family for your guidance and inspiration.
    Michelle Rihon
  • Amy Haller
    Graduating from this program, I truly felt equipped to teach yoga in the community. I appreciated the inclusion of conversations around race relations and social justice, as well as the focus on yoga as service through community project requirements. I also appreciated the emphasis on transparency, openness to feedback, respect, self-empowerment, self-awareness, and accountability. It was clear from day one that we were there to support and lift up each other. Kudos to CK for working to create a safe space, and for making yoga more accessible to all. Thank you, Sarah and CK, for supporting my personal growth and self-love in many ways!
    Amy Haller
  • Charlotte Droege
    Receiving my Certified Yoga Teacher designation through Create Karma was one of the best experiences of my life. I was transformed through the Leaders Empowered into Action (LEAP) program into the leader I always knew I could be and the human I want to be. The training was delivered, in every moment, through the heart of each and every participant. The founder of Create Karma, Sarah Yukie Gingrich, has a beautiful and powerful vision which was perfectly articulated in the training. Yoga is not only the asana but it is life: in the way we move, breathe, interact and share our gifts with our communities. I left the program empowered to take my love of all that is yoga and embody it fully. I now share with the community in my unique way and I honor it and am honored to serve in this way. Create Karma LEAP is truly life-changing! I cannot wait to complete my 300-hour next year.
    Charlotte Droege