Some of the graduates of our 200 hour LEAP and 300 hour FEAT programs have committed to being of ongoing service to our community and continue to partner with Create Karma in two different ways.

Ambassadors are inspiring agents of transformation who represent the embodiment of our ideals and are on a mission to bring wellness to their community. These leaders share wellness, mindfulness, and physical practices to connect and create group cohesion and personal possibility. Contact us to arrange for Create Karma to share wellness in your community.

Generators are the inspiring architects of transformation who uphold the integrity of our organization and are committed to sparking opportunities for wellness and community. Are you interested in developing a program for your community? Email our team of generators who will design workshops, classes, and retreats to inspire and support you.


Beth Martin, Educator and Nurturer, Generator

I am a teacher for those who crave balance. I believe there are healing powers in focused breath, embodied movement and authentic stillness. I inspire others to find harmony through personal exploration in yoga practice and daily life.


Gloria Mast, Educator, Generator 

I am engaged in expressing and experiencing everyone's individual story, living out the notion that you can change the human condition while embracing the condition of being human. I impact the community that can share my experience and journey as an exploration of healing brokenness through asana.



Jane Grice, NSCA-CSCS, RYT-500, Ambassador

I am an empowered and connected wellness coach who believes that all people have the right to be fit and well. I bring positive impact to students and clients by incorporating safe and effective movement to support improvement in all aspects of wellness—cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, stress reduction and mind-body connection.




Juliette Mandel, MD, RYT500 Physician and Wellness Leader, Ambassador and Generator

I am a physician who thrives on embodied leadership to empower community members on their quest for wellness. I am most alive holding healing space for others by connecting through compassion and shared vulnerability. I believe that we are each WHOLE, COMPLETE and ONE… just as we are in this present moment. In my medical practice, and as a yoga instructor in the community, I offer the possibility of inspiring others to spark positive behavior change towards universal wellness—in yoga, in medicine, and in life.




Monica Kirchner, Teacher, Generator

I am energetic but calm. I believe in the power of love and connection. I bring balance and stability to those around me. I am learning and growing, so that I can bring more people into wellness through my business, and beyond my studio walls.




Michelle Newman, Health and Wellness Educator, Ambassador and Generator

I am: whole, compassionate and fierce. I educate and empower children, families and their communities through movement, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle choices.



Morgan McComsey, Craftswoman, Ambassador

I am an empowered, fearless promoter of self love. I believe that all women- no matter their income- have the right to wellness. To feel good and happy in their bodies. I promise, moving forward to continue to educate myself, share my authentic self so I can be an effective teacher. Empowering women. That is who I am and what I'm for.



Peggy Shaffer, Teacher and Accountant, Ambassador

I am a teacher who is creative, open, and playful.  I believe everyone can benefit from yoga.  I work to create modifications so every person is included and made to feel welcomed and empowered.  And that is who I am.



Sarah Ballard, Teacher, Ambassador and Generator

I am a school teacher and a children’s yoga teacher full of optimism, adventure and joy. I believe in and see the children and adults I teach every day and encourage and nurture their interest in and around wellness, mindfulness and yoga. I support self-awareness and increased personal power in young people so they have the capacity to navigate the world mindfully and to lead with their compassionate “little-big” hearts.



Sarah McGahran, Wellness Entrepreneur, Ambassador and Generator

I am strong AND vulnerable, I am driven AND imperfect, I am inspired AND searching. I believe in honesty, openness, and truth and aim to encourage bravery and spread self-worth to all I encounter. I commit to living an unapologetically passionate life in which I am authentically true to myself while enabling individuals whose lives I touch to reach their desired quality of life, happiness, and wellbeing.



Stacy Hammel, Inspiration Specialist, Ambassador and Generator

I am in Creation of Joy and Ease. I Believe in the Power that Lies Within EveryONE. Through Yoga my Heart is Open and I Share that Love with EveryBODY. I Walk the World Speaking My Truth and Living a Life of Self-Love and Inspiration in Every Moment.




Tony Hernandez, Inner Research Guide and Educator, Ambassador and Generator 

Through guided reflection and holding space where dialogue can happen, I help people claim their distinct identities and embrace the value it brings to their community.