Leaders Empowered Into Action Program – LEAP 200-Hour

Leaders Empowered into Action Program, or LEAP, is Create Karma’s flagship program. Whether you are new to the wellness world or are looking for ways to develop your leadership skills for the first time, LEAP provides an opportunity to explore your leadership potential through the experience of yoga, wellness, and your connection to others. Over the course of 8 weekends, you will move your body, explore self-inquiry and participate in team-building activities to practice and hone your leadership skills.

Facilitated by National Wellness Leaders

Create Karma is excited to bring together some of the country’s leading wellness professionals to give participants an unparalleled training experience. Each weekend session is led by a renowned instructor or expert who specializes in a unique area of leadership development, wellness, and/or community outreach. The training’s diverse curriculum is overseen by our Program Director and Create Karma Founder Sarah Yukie Gingrich, who brings over a dozen years of experience in international yoga trainings to our program.

Empowering Communities through Empowered Leaders

The training is based on a pay-it-forward model, encouraging you to bring the lessons learned in LEAP back to your communities. As a LEAPer, you will become a leader in both thought and action, creating a life of health and empowerment for yourself and those around you. You will learn from some of the country’s leading wellness experts how to experience wellness in your own body, plus gain the tools to become a leader by sharing those lessons with others, no matter where you are starting from in your wellness journey.

With its focus on community, LEAP is also an ideal training for existing leaders and wellness advocates looking to expand their skills and bring mindfulness and wellness to the populations they serve. Non-profit executives and staff from nursing homes, churches, shelters, and other community organizations that serve at-risk populations can join like-minded individuals in working together towards a common goal: Creating strong, healthy communities by becoming compassionate human beings and leaders.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Experiential Learning

LEAP provides you with an optimal opportunity for personal development by integrating leadership training techniques with a variety of wellness practices. We combine physical movement, breathwork, meditation, and self-inquiry with team-building activities and action-based service projects to generate enduring wellness in your life and community. By completing this leadership-in-action training, you will transform your relationship with yourself and your ability to create wellness and empowered leadership every day.

LEAP Curriculum Includes…

  • Anatomy & Kinesiology: Use basic anatomy and awareness to create balanced movement
  • Ayurveda: Stabilize your inner and outer environment through nutrition and daily life practices
  • Physiology of Wellness: Learn how the systems of wellness regulate health
  • Functional Movement: Ground and energize through inclusive yoga and movement
  • Connection: Create partnership and community by sharing yourself authentically and generously
  • Leadership: Integrate your leadership as a natural extension of your being
  • Support: Connect in weekly calls with your mentor and a fellow trainee
  • Sustainability: Nourish and support your body with daily wellness
  • Service: Impact the lives that matter to you

Training Weekends

Each weekend session includes Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings thru late afternoons/early evenings

Lancaster Spring 2020

  • April 3, 4, 5
  • April 24, 25, 26
  • May 15, 16, 17
  • June 5, 6, 7
  • June 26, 27, 28
  • July 17, 18, 19
  • Aug. 7, 8, 9
  • Aug. 28, 29, 30
  • Sept. 11, 12, 13: Graduation Weekend (YTC weekend is highly recommended but not required)

Interested in a training this fall? Check our our Exton program at Zia Yoga and Wellness.


$2900 or $2300 before February 1

Payment plans for the entire program are available. Once accepted, $308 (your $108 application fee and $200 deposit) will secure your space. Choose to pay your tuition by the beginning of the program or as six monthly payments deducted over the course of training.

Interested in a LEAP scholarship?


Anyone with an interest in leadership and wellness is welcome and encouraged to apply. Once you are accepted, you must attend all training hours, complete all coursework and training homework, and lead 12 outreach classes (a minimum of 60 minutes in length each). Learn More.

Optional Yoga Teacher Certification

If you would like to become a certified yoga instructor with Yoga-Alliance®, you must take our Yoga Teacher Certification Weekend in September. This weekend session is available as an add-on option to LEAP participants and is not included with your LEAP tuition.

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