Our Facilitators


Christyn Schroeder

When you come from the place of authenticity and honesty, the depth of communication and growth that is possible is astounding.


Coral Brown 

May we all take the Exquisite Risk of living a wildly authentic and joyful life!


Cristina Houston 

I AM. Coach. Truth Speaker. Connector. Listener. Yogi.


Dan Houston 

I AM. Connector. Educator. Writer. Seeker. Mentor. Friend.


Dianne Bondy

Together we learn, together we shift consciousness, together we create change, together we rise.

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Deanne Caputo

A sense of humor and straightforward approach to teaching attracts those looking to add a little lightness back into their lives.

Jean-Jacques Gabriel

Sometimes we get stronger by flipping perspectives. The body opens so much with the intelligent use of gravity and partnership.

Jeffrey Scott Duval

I am not this body.
I am not this mind.
I am not these thoughts.
I am not even this breath.
I am

Dr. Jonina Turzi

I believe the integration of traditional medicine with yoga and other holistic therapies is forthcoming in America and beyond. Modern science finds common ground in our ancestral wisdom time and again, and I am honored to be a part of this vital shift in healthcare.


Dr. Kay Corpus

My approach to medicine involves finding the root cause of illness and symptoms, which is essential to health and healing.